Decks of Quilted Wisdom are still available. $25, incl. shipping.
 Contact me directly if interested.
A few recent pieces.....
Shades of Gray (no longer available)
Rancho Gordo
Welcome to my website!

As I am nearing my mid-seventies, I am finding that my quilts are moving away from the vibrant, active African textiles and moving toward the  calmer, vintage looks that reflect the glance backward yet express the present peace.  There are a few upcoming fun pieces....a postal work that will feature images of foreign shipping labels that came to me from past purchases...and yes, there is one more "Hombres" on the horizon as I finish up the many pair of old jeans that were gifted to me by a dear friend.

My camera isn't quite up to great images of my current quilts...and I am no longer having them professionally photograhed.  If you are interested in a particular piece, email me and I'll send you a video shoot..

Happy and appreciative,
Beth Ann
Pin-up Cowgirls

Red Hearts
Zodiak Crab Sign
Groundbreaking Farm