Quilted Wisdom!

Want to wake up your intuition?  Have questions about  your life's issues?  Draw a card!  Delve into personal insight and self-reflection!

Quilted Wisdom is a 52-card deck of meditation/thoughtfulness cards featuring images of some of my art quilts teamed with gentle suggestions for contemplation and self-reflection.  Each card offers a path to insight and inspiration...a personal journey  and way of looking at challenges and questions we all face. 

The format is unique: the text is posted right on the card itself--no need to refer back to a booklet! And you do not need any knowledge of esoteric theory to use these cards.

A few samples of the cards may be seen on the page Quilted Wisdom on this website.

They'll be great for gifts for yourself and for others!  Buy Quilted Wisdom  on Amazon and on!  

As always, I welcome the opportunity to create custom pieces to honor people, places, concepts, and subjects that are important to clients. If you have questions or comments, it's easy to reach me:

Beth Ann, Quiltmaker
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