Hello!  Welcome to my website!  

It's been a busy year in the workshop...primarily custom commission pieces, so one of my New Year's resolutions is to update this website!  I am so involved in the work that I forget this aspect!  

"Polka dot Frieda" seemed to happy that I had to make a companion quilt for it!  The Companion is a VERY large quilt which I am still working on...although Henry, our cat, prefers to nap on it so progress is slower than usual!

Recently,  friend gave me some old jeans to use...Here are the images of one of the quilts I created for him:

One of my newer pieces, Tribal Heart.  Although we seem to be divided upon "lines of color," in fact, I believe we are all the same on both sides of the "line."  And our hearts beat as one, if we allow them...

A similar piece is "Perspective" in which figures are right side up and upside down, but both are considered....It seems important to be able to see from more than one perspective...

Vintage Medley, shown below, incorporates some of my oldest and favorite vintage African wax prints.  

As always, I welcome the opportunity to create custom pieces to honor people, places, concepts, and subjects that are important to clients. If you have questions or comments, it's easy to reach me:

Beth Ann, Quiltmaker
Decks of Quilted Wisdom are still available. $25, incl. shipping.
 Contact me directly if interested.