If you are in Atlanta, Phoenix and Dragon bookstore is hosting a quilt exhibit featuring nine of my quilts, including the award winning "Man" and "Decision Confusion."  Also on display is "Judgment" which was included in the book, African Wax Prints, by Magie Relph and Robert Irwin.  

Cranes batik by Lukandwa
has just arrived
and is on my worktable now!
It's a glorious piece and will
be a spectacular quilt!

I have several new quilts to post on the Gallery site...Three lovely soft-toned vintage travel themes...And my latest quilt, Facing the Fire, sold as soon as I had posted it, but there are still many lovely quilts available.  

And as the holidays approach, it seems to be the season of gift-giving...hostess gifts, holiday gifts, and "Just because" gifts.  Quilted Wisdom is a thoughtful gift that would be appreciated every day.  Each card offers a path to insight and inspiration...a personal journey  and way of looking at challenges and questions we all face. 

A few samples of the cards may be seen on the page Quilted Wisdom on this website.

They'll be great for gifts for yourself and for others!  Buy Quilted Wisdom  on Amazon and on!  Also, a major supplier of sewing supplies has taken the cards into their stock and featuring them in their Holiday Gift catalog.  So ASK for Quilted Wisdom next time you visit your favorite fabric/quilting shop!

As always, I welcome the opportunity to create custom pieces to honor people, places, concepts, and subjects that are important to clients. If you have questions or comments, it's easy to reach me:

Beth Ann, Quiltmaker
Psst!...Go to Quilted Wisdom on Amazon and check out the opportunity to WIN a free quilt!