Beth Ann is  an AMAZING artist.  Her meditation quilts are potent icons for contemplation and transformation.  River of Life has been part of every women’s group I’ve facilitated for…oh, gee…YEARS!
Patricia Ballentine, Visionary and Esoteric Artist

Robin Crow

"The first time I saw Beth Ann's quilts I dropped my jaw with amazement. Never did I imagine that a quilt could be so creative, inspiring and beautiful. I love the notion that you can hang these on the wall or wrap yourself in exquisite art on a cold winters night."


Jean Cover 
BethAnn StGeorge is a visionary and a talented artist. I have one of her quilts.... A gift I cherish. It completes my den with its beauty and perfect craftmanship. My quilt warms me on a winter day and delights all who see the vibrant colors and artistic design. Everyone should own one of her quilts. They are her legacy and our treasure! Keep on stichin Ms StGeorge.... Your talent is to be shared.
From:New York​
Art As Meditation is the process which allows me to "wander through time and emotion" creating quilts that reflect and express pivotal life points. The pieces are not pre-planned; they develop as the work continues - often resulting in designs and structures that are surprising even to me.

My journey has been an extraordinary adventure creating one of a kind Art Quits, each one with a fascinating story to share. Art As Meditation, improvisational piecing, has been an amazing therapy to celebrate the joys of life and healing of the heart, sometimes expressing what words could not convey. I wanted to share this experience with others and in doing so I have conducted many classes for quilters and non-quilters over the last six years. 

The focus of my work is not on perfection of pattern, but rather the ability and means to express a concept or feeling. Although many of my quilts are hung on the wall, they are Quilts first, meaning they are able to be used, in the traditional sense, for warmth. Hand quilting allows the energy transfer from me to the quilt and back to me…energy “stored” and available to provide comfort and healing.

Most of the fabrics are African or African - inspired.  Many of the elements of design have turned out to be reflective of indigenous signs and symbols from a variety of cultures, whispering the breath that "we are all connected".  The quilts often express themes and stories that are universal in their appeal.  A statement of its story accompanies each quilt. The pieces are one-of-a-kind, and designed to be used for warmth and comfort.  A sleeve may be added for displaying on a wall.

The quilts honor the historical traditions of quilting - they are 100% cotton, functional, washable and hand-quilted.