Quilted Wisdom: Meditation for "Peacing" Your Life
A 52-Card Deck

During the course of nearly 40 years, I have been quilting my way through life’s issues, blessings, and challenges. My quilts, respecting the tradition of folk art, are functional as quilts, providing warmth and comfort. But more than that, although unplanned, they often revealed patterns or symbols which allowed me (caused me) to think more deeply about personal circumstances as well as to consider broader, contemporary issues which concerned our global community. 

By publishing this 52-card deck from my collection of quilts, I offer a way for you to explore your own issues, blessings , and challenges. 

Each day, I choose to light a candle of gratefulness and appreciation and hope you will find the images useful.

Beth Ann St George, Quiltmaker

One person's experience with the Quilted Wisdom cards:

Honesty, I wasn’t sure how “effective” Beth Ann’s cards would be. I mean, there was no major or minor arcana, no spiritual reference points. I began drawing one card per day: for general focus and insight. On this first day of June, I asked for insight into my health. I drew one card to understand the general energy around my health and then another to gain understanding about what exactly I need to do…psycho-spiritually to get beyond the recurring issue. (nothing serious, just nagging)

My first card was Re-structuring. The second was Looking Back. I seldom have visceral “ah-ha” moments with this sort of exercise. But this particular reading struck very deeply. The images, the colors, communicated the general message in a gentle, encouraging way, much like Beth Ann would in person. But, make no mistake, the dissonance in Re-Structuring is obvious when you look at it, and perfectly reflects the kind of dissonance I am experiencing internally. I went back and forth from word to image, each time finding more depth in the card and in my experience. And then I drew Looking Back. This card has a real sense of longing related to the past yet clear movement away from it. As with Re-Structuring, it also has some measure of dissonance.

What is most significant about this two-card reading is the emotion that surfaced for me. And isn’t that what we hope for when we seek guidance like this, an awaking, a nudge? I’m less emotional today about yesterday’s reading. But I’m not ready to shuffle up and re-deal quite yet. I’m going to sit with advice I was given yesterday. (I will report that I have turned the health corner this morning. Coincidence?)

[Beth Ann and I have been on parallel journeys for almost 30 years. I have witnessed her process of quilting and her personal experiences that have informed the design of each quilt. I have witnessed the creation of her Quilted Wisdom cards. Having very informally used meditation and Tarot cards to gain insight and perspective, I was excited that I would be able to use Beth Ann’s cards. ]

Kim Davis
M.A. Transpersonal Psychology
B.S. Exercise Science
Certified Massage Therapist
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