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About Beth Ann St George

Art As Meditation

Beth Ann works with her hands. Every stitch is true...and imperfect...yet wonderful! Beth Ann is a Folk Artist; she carries on the Old Tradition.

Her quilts are beautiful. They are functional. They lift the Spirit. Ask her what she does and you will hear words like “ no predetermination” or “ Spiritual”, or perhaps: “Self expression”. Yes, this may describe her work well, however the best way to learn what she does is to see her quilts...all one of a kind...or better yet...feel her quilts.

We discover the difference between her art and that of others who use a sewing machine, pre-shrink the fabric...all for perfection. Beth Ann creates imperfection. Not perfect but complete. Completely true. Completely lovable. Completely wonderful!

And one more thing...Beth Ann is a Good Spirit and her Spiritual Aura is a welcome thing in this day, in this age. Come now and see the quilts...see the wonder!

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