Appreciation of the simpler things in life leads me to a place of contentment. And quilting allows me to physically express my feelings. This folk art quilt is inspired by my love of morning coffee. I purchase coffee beans from a source that supports small growing cooperatives around the world. And each morning, when grinding the beans, I appreciate the efforts of the people who made it possible for me to have such wonderful coffee. The quilt features quilt blocks of hearts, coffee cups, and beans; the “red-cross” blocks humorously refer to the morning’s first aid!  

62" x 62"

Coffee Love Quilt

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  • Dancing Spirit Quilts, tops, backing, and batting, and are 100% cotton.  Wash in warm water with a gentle detergent; they are dryer safe. Note: Quilts that are finished with or include a ragged edge may continue to "lint-out' during the next one or two washings, but will stabilize after that.