This folk art quilt features the work of Lukandwa Dominic, an artist who lives in Uganda. He hand-paints and waxes his batik work with stunning color and detail. I love his aesthetic and each year, treat myself to a couple of his batiks to incorporate into quilts.

The crane is the national bird of Uganda, and this gaggle of them is so vividly beautiful!


The accompanying fabrics are also hand-made African batiks. The lower border of wavy green is a nod to the shallow waters in which the birds wade. And attached to the quilt on one of the bottom borders are two hand-carved fish. The “fringe” on the bottom is a sueded cloth made into a feathery edging. All the cranes have button eyes. The backing is a cozy flannel.

Approx 67" x 54"

Crested Cranes

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  • Dancing Spirit Quilts, tops, backing, and batting, and are 100% cotton.  Wash in warm water with a gentle detergent; they are dryer safe. Note: Quilts that are finished with or include a ragged edge may continue to "lint-out' during the next one or two washings, but will stabilize after that.