Over the years, I have cared for many hand-sewn items from my family: a crochet bedspread from my grandmother, some fabrics and threads from my mother’s collection, some needles from Woolworth’s Five and Dime... The pieces seem to tie me to the tradition of hand-work that runs in my family.  And as with all my work, this is a one-of-a kind quilt.


This quilt features a vintage (circa 1930-40's) embroidered tea towel, one of many that were lovingly kept in an Aunt's china cupboard drawer that the children were to keep out of.


This particular piece has an interesting detail: in the right-hand corner are the initials "t.H"--a connection to the family's Slavic roots. The old-fashioned roses and gingham fabrics coordinate with the embroidered red carnations, reinforcing the image of times past. The simplicity of the quilt also reflects the “perceived” less complicated life in those days.

60" x 60"

Embroidered Carnations