When we seek our path on Life’s journey, sometimes we take routes that do not serve.

But once in a while we see the arrows that point to a clear direction toward our authentic path. (Can you see the green and yellow arrows?) Clarity is the moment of exuberance!

Exuberance, and the sudden opening of a right path, feels like freedom to me, so the fabric attachment of dancers in the upper right corner swings freely.

This folk art quilt features authentic African Wax Print fabrics. The book African Wax Prints, A Textile Journey, by Magie Relph and Robert Irwin trace the development of these fabrics from early Dutch/Java Colonial days. (Two of my quilts are featured in this publication.) The term, Holland Wax Print, indicates a particular and authentic method of transferring pattern onto the fabric. I have included the selvages of these fabrics in this quilt, thus validating their authenticity in the quilt.


Size: 57" x 52"