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One of a kind contemporary folk art quilt.

I don’t have a connection to Frieda Kahlo! But I was gifted with this fabric. It lay in my stash for a long time.


One winter, I was feeling like livening things up a bit with these colorful polka dot fabrics. The pattern sort of went willy-nilly (sometimes, the fabrics have a life of their own!), and as I was moving forward with this project it seemed as though the energy and vibrancy of Frieda Kahlo’s life matched the exuberance of these polka dots.


I began to read more about her and was amazed at her ability to forge forward in spite of the physical, social, and emotional challenges with which she lived. I am sure she has inspired many people to live to the fullest, no matter what obstacles might be used as reasons for withdrawing from Life.


This is a large quilt of fun and wildness. The border of trees with messages that might seem to curtail the exuberance, reminds us that a bit of constraint and moderation do not have to limit our free-wheeling adventures.

73" wide x 61" long.


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