Miles to go...folk art inspired by the Robert Frost poem, Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening. 

Looking forward in my life from the vantage point of 75 years, there are still things I want to do, "promises to keep before I sleep" (from the poem). I am still passionate about quilting as an exercise in Art As Meditation and the ability to express my inner landscape. I have grandchildren who light my life as I watch them grow. I am passionate about cooking (and love to eat!) Although I am retired, I find that my days are full, and so appreciate the lively enthusiasm that my interests provide.

On this quilt, the shoes fabric is custom printed, and the “forest” seems a bit dark and coldly foreboding. As I was working on this quilt, I had a dream, also inspired by the words, “miles to go,” but the landscape was completely different and the feel of it was lighter and more open. I will be creating this Miles to Go2 in the near future!

The last lines of the poem are appliqued onto the front of the quilt along with a picture of well-worn walking shoes.  The dark green “arrows” on the quilt point in many different directions. There are still many directions that call me!

The entire poem is appliqued onto the back of the quilt which is backed by warm and cozy forest green flannel.


Approx 57" x 51"

Miles to Go

  • Machine wash and dryer safe.