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One of a kind.

Over 50 years ago, I was a stewardess (yes, we weren’t called flight attendants!). The romance of air travel was still alive and well. People traveled with hats and gloves, and air travel was considered very special. I used my perks as an airline employee, traveling to New York for a day of shopping and a special haircut, flying to Los Angeles to try out a new bistro…

A later career of mine in sales also provided me with the opportunity to travel around the country and overseas. I loved the adventure of it.

This quilt features a travel-themed fabric with martinis to celebrate! I no longer travel but the memories are clear; I can still feel the thrill of take-offs, the fun of walking across the tarmac in a snazzy stewardess uniform, the delight at exploring new cities and environments and finding a delicious meal in an out-of-the-way cafe.

I couldn’t bear to cut up this travel fabric, so it is almost a whole-cloth quilt. The surrounding blocks contain snippets of things and places enjoyed.

Approx 70" wide x 57" long

World Traveler

  • No returns and refunds.

  • Dancing Spirit Quilts, tops, backing, and batting, and are 100% cotton.  Wash in warm water with a gentle detergent; they are dryer safe. Note: Quilts that are finished with or include a ragged edge may continue to "lint-out' during the next one or two washings, but will stabilize after that.

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