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Life is a Journey.  This quilt, created through the process of art as meditation, features some of the aspects of life as a journey: there is a person in the quilt, who has a heart but it seems to be in the wrong place (as our hearts sometimes are); there are patches, as sometimes we do need to patch up some of our actions.  The centerish medallion started out to be a tesselation, but the pattern seems to run off the rails!  Included is also a path, strewn with beads with may be obstacles or jewels of learning...and a small embroidered gift from a friend who later betrayed that friendship.  The "portholes" in some of the borders seem to indicate that sometimes we do get a look into ourselves, our path, our inner wisdom....all of these things were not preplanned, but rather added spontaneously as inspiration indicated at the time.

There is a series of 5 videos on my FB, Dancing Spirit Quilts, that follows along the progress of the creation of this quilt.

64" x 58"

Life is a Journey

  • Cool wash, dryer safe.

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