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Quilted Wisdom Meditation Cards

This is a deck of 52  meditation cards; 52 unique illustrations of some of my most
meaningful quilts. 

I decided to create this deck for  two reasons.

Firstly, it is very difficult to find gallery wall space to show the full breadth of my
work,  and I was looking for a way to show as much of my collection to as many
people as possible. 

Secondly, my quilting has always been a way for me to process issues, concerns,
worries, and joys. For me, it has always been Art As Meditation. This a way of
approaching art fully as self-expression and not as a product. What I found as I
shared my quilts with others, is that my work also spoke to them on a deeper
level than simply a product. Soon, my quilts were being used in meditation
circles, personal process groups, and even shamanic journey workshops. 

Meditation Cards seemed to be a perfect format that allowed me to share a large
body of work as well as a way to help others process some of their own life

Meditation Cards on not new. There are endless options to choose from in any
bookstore, online or brick and mortar. The beauty of using a tool like this is that
by drawing a card or two, you can find some insight into your own personal
journey, get a conversation started with another person or in a group, or simply
use them to help set a general intention for the day, or specific intention for a
situation or project. I have included on each card some questions to consider.
These questions came out of my own personal process as I created the quilt.

Any meditation cards, including mine, work as a reflection of your inner landscape. By
sitting quietly, and focusing your intention, any card you draw will reflect what is going on
inside. Just like if you're already having a good day, it often keeps getting better! Your
inner landscape reflects in the outer landscape. Meditation cards in this situation, are a
part of your outer landscape. Cards do not foretell the future. They simply help you
understand more clearly where you are right now on your path. And

sometimes,  that is all we need to see clearly what action (or inaction) is right for

The best way to choose a meditation deck is to have them choose you! If you feel attracted
to my meditation cards, they're probably a good choice for you. If you don't, then let it go
and move on to browse my quilt galleries!

Quilted Wisdom Meditation Cards

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