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One of a kind.

I loved the black and white African fabric with the human figures in the primitive style. I wanted to use them in a way that the pattern would not be too interrupted.

As I began working, I knew that hearts belonged in this hand-crafted throw, hence the red hearts. What surprised me was the black strip that separated the two sections of the quilt. It seems to offer the message that the hearts within us are all basically the same, on both (or any sides) of the line of color.

The quilt seems to be a call for compassion and understanding for humankind, the ideal of namaste. Each of the four corners features a figure of an elund. In the culture of the San people of Africa, the elund was the messenger from Spirit. Shaman would enter a trance to connect with that Spirit, a message and a connection that still might be relevant as we find our own methods of connection. The fiery red fabric seems to add power and importance to this message.

Approx. 54" x 54"

Tribal Heart

  • No returns and refunds.

  • Dancing Spirit Quilts, tops, backing, and batting, and are 100% cotton.  Wash in warm water with a gentle detergent; they are dryer safe. Note: Quilts that are finished with or include a ragged edge may continue to "lint-out' during the next one or two washings, but will stabilize after that.

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